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LDN Dosage for Ovarian Cancer

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Hi I'm lookin for this information for my mother, basically just been informed she has months to live...not sure how many months they mean exactly.

I'm currently taking LDN for MS and it's fantastic and made my life now worth living.

I've basically started for the past three days giving my mum 0.5mg which she is tolerating extremely well. She actually got a good nights sleep. I'm trying to get a prescription organised so I'm currently using my supply I've got plenty so that's fine.

Any recommendations on what doseage to give thinking of giving her 1mg tonight. Can I try higher advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou everyone x

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First of all, my heart is breaking for you and your mom. My mother had breast cancer 34 years ago and passed after a year. I understand your pain. I too have an autoimmune disease and was started on 1.5 mg for a month or two and then upped to 3 mg where I have been on for couple years. I would think going from .5 up to 1 mg is fine, since it is my understanding that most people start at 1.5 mg

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Thankyou for your reply, I have just upped her doseage to 1mg. She is coping well so far just needs to majorly catch up on sleep. Merry Christmas and thanks again πŸŒ²β›„πŸŽπŸŽ„

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Also doctor has just written a prescription for it so that helps a lot.


I'm so sorry you and your mom are going thru this, my heart goes out to both of you! LDN for Cancer is a bit different in dosing. I highly recommend both watching this documentary about LDN & Cancer found halfway down the Trust's homepage: ldnresearchtrust.org/

And, please go to this link and listen to the interviews with Doctors and patients: ldnresearchtrust.org/ldn-vi....

Tons of information to go through, take notes as you're watching/listening. I hope this helps!


My wife had cervical cancer which she had removed (full hysterectomy) with radiation and chemo afterwards. But 9 months after treatments, the cervical cancer had metastasized to her lungs. Given 3-6 months survival (Stage 4) by her oncologist, she decided whats the point of following conventional 2nd line chemotherapy when oncologist said end result is still the same.

Started LDN 4.5mg from Skip's Pharmacy in Feb 2007, within 90 days, the growth rate of the metastatic cervical cancer in her lungs had slowed from 30 day doubling time to 90 days. After 9 months the doubling time of the tumors had increased to 270 days. eldeen.org/_scanrecords/LDN...

LDN will help the immune system to slow down the cancer growth rate (that's what the immune system is supposed to do when functioning correctly) so the person can live much longer than just doing chemotherapy alone.

1.5 years past the date the oncologist gave as her survival, the CT scan showed the largest tumors in distress as evidenced by the calcifications noted in the Radiologists report: eldeen.org/_scanrecords/LDN...

She went to the full 4.5mg from Skip's Pharmacy, as she didn't have any other issues with her metabolism (thyroiditis) that might limit the higher dosage. My suggestion is to go with the highest dosage she can tolerate as the higher dosage worked for my wife's cervical cancer. Good Luck.

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