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Effects of taking Lomperamide with Ldn

Please could you tell me what effects are likely if Lomperamide is taken on necessary occasions while taking 4.5 ml dose of Ldn?

My husband has pancreatic cancer - he had a Whipple operation last Jan but after 4 months of Gemzar & a lot of side effects a Pet scan showed that the cancer had spread - unfortunately with his type of cancer it is useful to be able to take Lomeramide from time to time!

Thanks Chris

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My apologies for the lateness of this response. Somehow your post didn't show up in our notifications.

There are numerous opinions about medications like Lomperamide, so my best advice is to either consult with your doctor or pharmacist. If they are not LDN experts, then you can go to the Trust's website, at the bottom of the home page is an "Ask a Doctor" form. Here's the link: ldnresearchtrust.org/



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