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LDN - Low Dose Naltrexone - Information Pack

Here is out information pack which you can take to your own doctor. If you are not in the United Kingdom or Europe you can remove a couple of pages after printing it out. ldnresearchtrust.org/sites/...

Any questions please ask or you can email me linda@ldnrt.org if you need help finding an LDN prescribing doctor.

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Hi there, i'm new on here and found it by a paper trail. A research paper I read on fb discussed LDN and research has brought me here. I have contacted a private doctor and am hoping to start this soon. It sounds too good to be true but im keeping my fingers crossed that it might help me regain my life. I have fibromyalgia and depression and these conditions are robbing me of my life. What I would give to reduce fatigue and feel like a 'normal' person again! To be able to make arrangements to go meet a friend for coffee and actually be able to go! To have my grandsons round for a couple of hours and not spend the next day in bed! I've always had hope and refuse to give in to these conditions. X


Hi there,

I cannot access the information pack from the link above, it just tells me that the page is not found. I'm currently taking LDN, but know very little about it.

Thank you,



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