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new link for LCHF guide

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A few people had trouble with the filebin repository (and it's probably expired now).

I've put another copy on Dropbox. Download from:

or view online:

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You're right, it has expired. I didn't know such things happened. Does the same happen with Dropbox?

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I don't think so, but I'll probably delete it at some point.I don't really want too many copies of the unedited draft floating around.

Understood :)

Thank you TAT-just finished reading at really like how you’ve approached this.

Thanks TheAwfulToad 🙏 download with no issues 👍 one week is passed and 3 pounds lighter 👍👍👍 maybe I need to slow down but, I don’t feel hungry to be honest...

Hi TheAwfulToad. I have just read through your plan and have to say it now makes total sense of the journey i have recently and still am going through. I started out on a calorie controlled diet and joined the weight loss forum here. I realised that my problem was carbs and snacks so cut them back in the form of no pasta, rice, potatoes or bread and no snacking. Through reading about LCHF i have recently transitioned from low fats to normal/full fat produce. In 4 months i have only had losses each week, i dont snack and dont crave anything between meals. This week i've actually been aware of what is too much food and of feeling hungry (just) so its time to eat. My diet 4 months ago was all processed foods now its 99% fresh and non processed. I have gone from using a microwave to "cook" to planning and cooking with my cooker and absolutely loving it. I love the planning process, the cooking and the eating equally and so much. All i need is someone to do the washing up for me 😂😂. xx

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TheAwfulToadAmbassador in reply to springersrule

That's a remarkable transformation, springersrule. If there's one message I wish I could get out there, it's this: turning your life around isn't really that difficult, because your body wants to do it. As you've discovered, once you set off down the right path, it becomes a pretty simple journey to the right destination.

Thank you TheAwfulToad. I have to admit i havent found it difficult at all and I sometimes hide the fact that its been really easy for fear of upsetting people who are struggling. I have struggled following other plans over the years but this has been a doddle, really! To put it in context (not to blow my own trumpet) I have lost just over 35kg since the 3rd August 2020 without, what i would call, even trying. I still have about the same again to go, but totally believe i will know when i get to where i should be, and i wont need the scales to tell me 😊. I've been telling everyone who asks how i've done this and just advocating it as a good healthy way of eating. xx

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