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Hazelnut Truffle Recipe


Background: I made and enjoyed pavlova this Christmas. In case you don't know, it's basically a soft meringue (aka aerated sugar) covered with cream and more sugar. I very much took a day off my eating plan. I deliberately didn't take any left overs home, but I had some ingredients: double cream, crushed hazelnuts and dark chocolate. I made a ganache (sounds posh, but simple) and turned it into truffles. I put the ingredients into my nutrition app (cronometer) and these were surprising results (see screen grab). I just want to emphasise that I wasn't trying to make a low carb treat - these were just standard post Christmas treat I have made before. I assumed when making them, I wouldn't be able to eat them. 😂 I don't think I am a carb addict, so I didn't have trouble limiting myself to one a day and not every day. YMMV.


50 grams dark chocolate (I used Menier 70%)

90 grams double cream

50 grams chopped hazelnuts


Break the chocolate into pieces in a bowl. Heat the cream to close to boiling, pour over the chocolate, and stir until the chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. (That's ganache! Easy, right?). Add the hazelnuts and stir them in.

Put them in the fridge until the mixture solidifies. Divide into 10 and roll them into balls between your palms.


Yup, that's it. Heat cream, stir into chocolate, add nuts.


* The quantities are based on what I had, but they produced great truffles. The ratios are right for my tastes. More cream will result in softer truffles, less in firmer.

* I actually started with more cream than that, 90 g was what was left after it boiled over in the microwave 😳. Use a big bowl.

* I mixed it in a square "Tupperware" type container, which had a lid to cover it in the fridge, and meant I could use a knife to divide it into 10, and put the truffles back into to keep in the fridge.

* The recipe is a flexible as you want it to be. Add anything you like. Just remember it will change the nutrient profile, especially if it's sweet or carby. If you leave the hazelnut out, they stay about the same: fat goes up 1%, protein down 1%.

That's it. I am new to this, so if I have done something stupid, and this recipe doesn't belong here, please be gentle as you point out my error and I will edit or delete as appropriate.

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Do you write professionally? You have a lovely way with words :)

No. But thanks, I am flattered.


Wow, that sounds easy enough for me to attempt, and delicious, I'll pop these into the Larder, thank you:-) x

These sound lovely! I’ll give them a try, thanks for posting

I never used to like dark chocolate but prefer it now- milk chocolate is so sweet. This comes from a life long chocoholic 😂

Thank you I don’t read recipes so I am pleased you have put it in the wrong place. I shall certainly be trying these. If I used a milk chocolate they would be more appealing g to younger children and more healthy than shop bought processed sweets.

Where do recipes go? I looked, but couldn't see a proper place for them.

Milk chocolate is basically dark chocolate with milk, as is this recipe. In fact, Dairy Milk is 20% cocoa solids, and this recipe is about 18%. But the taste is adult, you are right. The other difference is sugar. Milk chocolate has twice the sugar of dark.

That's just interesting. I think it would make a tasty treat with milk chocolate. It would have more carbs than this recipe, but only somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 the carbs in the chocolate you started with.

I’m not sure I do t use it. Although I think if you just post as you have people will see it more so maybe. And it does sound very mouthwatering. Thank you

These sound lovely. Gonna give them a go! X


Thanks for sharing these look great !

I made these this morning using tesco 74% cocoa chocolate, but omitting the nuts.

Thank you for a genius recipe :)

I made them because I noticed my cream for my coffee was 'on the turn' so this is a win-win solution.

Next time I may put a little orange zest in because I found myself looking longingly at the children's chocolate oranges over Christmas :)

These sound delicious 😋 I plan to try making these later today. Thank you

If someone takes a picture when they make a batch, I will add it to the top of the page (if we can work out a way to get it to me, that is)

I've just found this montezumas.co.uk/bars-c1/10...

That's 100% cocoa. 🤯 No sugar, no dairy, nothing but cocoa. That gives you complete control over this dish. Add exactly the amount of sugar you need, use a low carb sweetener or rely on the lactose in the cream; and pick the fat level in your cream. It's more expensive than the cheapest chocolate (the Menier was £1/100g) but if minimising carbs/sugar is important to you, it's only pennies difference to make this recipe, noting that 53g of 70% chocolate is equal to 37g of 100% chocolate + sugar and dairy.

Stumbled across this, duly made a batch and am now salivating while it does its thing in the fridge. I need a distraction!! 😊