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Morning everyone

1) 13.2lb

2) 12.12 started lch

3) Think this is my startvof 4th week today

12.8lb. Was 12.7 during week but don't know where extra 1lb came from? Do 2 meals plenty fluids in varied lchf meals. So will continue.

When does anyone feel & look different? I don't feel any different yet! I am not expecting to loose stones n 4 dress sizes in weeks!!! Although that would be nice😁😁

Just any tips would be good. I don't go over 25g carbs in trying not dwell too much on counting like last time as i gave up then.

Good luck everyone x

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If you want to make a real impact without worrying about this and that, try fasting. It is the biggest, and most overlooked tool in the box. I generally only eat once a day.

You can google Jason Fung if you want to go into depth (and I have), but I wouldn't bother.

The most down to earth video on the subject is Bob Briggs. I'd suggest you watch all of his videos, he's brilliant!


Thanks Mike

I will warch later.

I fast for 18 hours as only eat 12noon till 6pm been doing this week n half but just hadnt kicked in yet but i still keep going.

Cheers lyn

See reply to your post after this - don't get hung up on this, you're doing fine as you are. Enjoy what you're eating and eat more if you're still hungry - just go for cheese / chorizo (for example) rather than naughty stuff! :)

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