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Back again

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Hi everyone

After totally being off diet & put more weight on. I have restarted today.

I was totally confused & over analysing it too much si i gave up.

I didnt loose weight but felt a lot better. So hopefully back on track n try stick to it long enough.

I have got a high theart rate & need to get this down myself before too late.

Love this site . Thanks everyone for all your stories keeps us weak ones hope xx

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Welcome back Samsung_5. Remember, the beauty of LCHF is its simplicity :)

Wishing you all the best for your restart :)

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Samsung_5 in reply to moreless

Thank you

Yes well i need to relax more & take one day at a time.

Started today & shopped & hopefully prepare better 😁

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moreless in reply to Samsung_5

I panicked when I first started, but soon realised that life's too short.

Once I'd calmed down, I went on to lose over 100lbs. It works without all the counting and angst :)

You'll be just fine :)

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