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Carb counting & confused

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Morning everyone.

I am reading 25grams per day lchf but i am struggling to get that low! I had 24g for my ist day but 28g while planning todays menu.

I am also looking for app android phone for this website to make it easier too.

Has anyone had very low weight loss at ist but then after time it works please.

I know i am new & a pain to get use to it.😁

All feed back welcome πŸ˜€

16 Replies

Have you read the menu ideas for lcarb at

Samsung_5 in reply to G1nny

I think ive read & googled too much😁 but yes i think just need keep going see how i get on 😁

I wouldn't stress about going ketogenic. Low carb doesn't mean no carb, and 25 grams is difficult to maintain.

I would suggest trying to relax a little and take your time. Trying to shift what has taken years to put on won't be a matter of weeks.

Yes you're right over analysing things.

I think ill try keep under 30g just ist 2 weeks?

As previous people have said im too impatient & just need chillax 😁

TheAwfulToadAmbassador in reply to Samsung_5

Yeah, I agree.

25g is hard, but there's nothing magical about that number. It's just a rule-of-thumb. Some people go into ketosis at a much higher level. Some people have to get closer to zero. It definitely seems to set you off on the right track to go 'keto' initially, but there's no iron law that says you have to. There are plenty of people who have success doing it as MikePollard describes.

Thank you

Yes i am thinking might just go for around 30g & see what i lose weight on that. Thanks though

Hiya - I had the same problem at first and if left to my own devices easily got over 50g without thinking about it. I've found it useful to look at the Atkins phase 1 menus (under 20g) for a bit to get ideas which are free. There are some things which have really helped me, namely: deli meats and cheeses in the fridge, protein shakes for breakfast with almond milk, masses of lettuce with lovely oily dressing. Good luck! Go easy on yourself - you'll get there.

Thank you just reading diet doctor now as advised by someone else.

Yes im documenting on my fitness pal & ignoring the cals n fat content 😁 hard i admitt but at least counrs my carbs so get into it.

Yes i have protein shake & going use at lunch time for work with protein nibbles.

I just think it will take time to lose & be slow process but hopefully get there!

Thanks though i appreciate it

Hey don't ignore fat and protein! You have to replace the carbs you've cut back! Or did you just mean ignore them on MFP macros? (they seem to have some strange figures sometimes).

If you scroll down posts here you'll find one I did on "Resources" which might be worth a look for some useful links. Diet Doctor isn't included as I was advised by admin that as they are a commercial site we shouldn't advertise them - but as you've discovered there's loads of free stuff there that's useful too.

Yes looked at it n fitness pal not designed for lchf but does the job.

Just getting my head around high fat😁 hey but fruit high in carbsπŸ™„

strawberries (5.7 net), blackberries (5) and raspberries (6) and blueberries (11.6 but you don't need many) are the lowest fruit (I think?). Not great if you're going to try for keto and a bit tart this time of year, but you'd be surprised how taste buds change as you cut out sugary things. I crush up one or another with mascarpone and creme fraiche and bung in 15g of chia seeds too which sort of melt into the mix!

Yes they are really high. Couldnt believe it. I am doing lchf but i struggle to get to 25g so 30/40 until im more used to it. Hopefully dnt have to too low carb 4 it to work cheers

stick at it - it's worth it (and so nice to eat all the cheese you want....)

🀣🀣 yes food is more tasty & yes i ignore macros on fitness pal & calories. Thanks though

You definitely will get there....

Cheese ,eggs andsalad plus loads of veg. Tasty fish little meat....fabulous.

Freedom from fixed diet plans

Lchf is great for me

Even have a glass of red wine, this weekend.....tooooo many.

Samsung_5 in reply to Redspot

Thank you

Was it a slow process for you? I have a feeling it will for me ? But getting there. Day 3 😁 my new friend is sugar free jelly n whipped cream 🀣

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