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Cholesterol level


Hi Guys

I was just reading a post by Daisychain12 and how cream in coffee stops any sugar cravings during the day. I wanted to add that this was my default after my morning (black) tea and stops food cravings.

In that post I read a reply from, TheAwfulToad, who asked for cholesterol levels.

I've just switched Doctors and had blood test for an illness I have and my cholesterol came back at 6.

I had the free 'Boots Chemist' cholesterol test about 25yrs ago and had a total level of 5 when on a healthy balanced lifestyle, food and exercise. They told to not eat eggs (?) as they where very high in cholesterol, so I thought the recent 6 was ok and in-line with my reduced physical activity and switch to lchf diet from which the benefits I feel are huge.

I received a letter from my GP saying that I was at a dangerous level with my cholesterol (6) along with a dietary advice leaflet promoting lots of salads, pastas and grain filled bread along with the advice to use marge instead of butter (urg) and all the usual high fat, food conglomerate's propaganda (I wish I had kept the letter).

I'm quite happy at 6 as I feel better, I'm losing weight gained from my illness and I get to eat lots of great food.

Happy days, although I've always watched the egg count from the 90's :-)



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Your username always makes me laugh :)

Interesting to see people's test results. TC is pretty meaningless in terms of predictive value, but 6 is considered 'borderline' in most of Europe and the US.

It's only the UK that seems hell-bent on ensuring that everybody's taking statins. Unlike the rest of the civilized world, the NHS has unilaterally decided that everyone should be below 5mmol/L, which means that a whole boatload of perfectly healthy people are now candidates for being dosed up with an incredibly powerful and largely pointless drug.

It drives me nuts hearing about the NHS telling people to eat margarine while simultaneously telling us to reduce processed/synthetic food. Well, which is it, guys? Bit of consistency here, please?

Anyway, it's nice to hear you're feeling good and getting the results you want from LCHF. I hope one day the phrase "LCHF" will be used interchangeably with "healthy eating".

Thanks, it makes me laugh too :-)

The nurse who took my blood was most interested in what I knew about LCHF and was reading up on it herself.

Looking into processed food it's quite horrendous what is done/taken out and then what is put back in.... urgh!

I'm quite happy with 6 :-)

I am so grateful to you for posting as I couldn’t find my original post!! Since writing it I haven’t dared get my cholesterol levels done. I quit my Ezetrol without telling my doc after finding it had so many side effects. I can’t tolerate statins and I wouldn’t take them if I could tolerate them! I am scared of the cholesterol test. I have inherited familial hyperlipidaemia. I’ve been very low carb for six months now due to getting PMR and being on high dose of steroids. The advice from AF and this page got my steroid induced high blood sugar down from fasting level of nearly 10 YES TEN!!! To a healthy 5.4. Thank you AF. And that’s on good dollops of thick cream in my coffee and cheese etc. I have to get my cholesterol test in the next week or so and I will post here. I love eating lchf. It feels “right”.

TheAwfulToadAmbassador in reply to Daisychain12

Daisychain12 : it's such a buzz to read success stories like yours. That's an absolutely incredible result and I'm so pleased for you. I'm not surprised you feel this is "right" for you since you've basically gone from being full-blown diabetic to completely "normal".

Nobody can tolerate statins. They are possibly the most stupid product anyone has invented this century. They do nothing that can be considered remotely useful and I think the willingness of doctors to prescribe them is a symptom of a completely irrational fear of "high cholesterol" which overshadows literally every other consideration.

Just to illustrate how bad this is: roughly ten years ago, my uncle was prescribed statins after bypass surgery. Within a week the doctors detected abnormal kidney function. "Do you think I should stop taking the statins?", says my uncle. "Oh no, you must keep taking the statins or you'll have a heart attack", say the doctors. Two weeks later, both kidneys fail catastrophically and he spends the next few years on dialysis. He had a kidney transplant a couple of years ago. So well done, medical establishment. Create a massive problem, and then fix it.

So I suppose all I'm saying is: don't panic, whatever your cholesterol numbers are. In fact you will most likely find they have "improved". But they actually have very little predictive value, and almost no predictive value for women. It's completely normal for total cholesterol to rise as people get older - it seems to be something your body needs to do, for reasons unknown. Yet the doctors are obsessed with keeping it in their target zone ... again, for reasons unknown!

If you want to reassure yourself, you might want to Google David Diamond's videos: he has familial hypercholesterolemia and has good results with low-carb. I've just posted a particularly good one as a separate topic, in which he addresses that peculiar objection to LCHF: "well yes, LCHF makes people look and feel healthier in every regard, but surely it's bad for you because of all that fat?":

Anyway, do let us know how your tests turn out ... I'm very curious :)

How very kind and supportive of you!!! I think you must change your name to The Nice Toad??? Thanks heaps for the video links. I will watch. I do think vitamin K2 will help with arteries .....a professor here says it is a calcium problem not cholesterol and K2 helps put the calcium where it is needed, in the bones. Xx

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