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Heartburn & Low Carb

Hiya, just to give you some background my husband has been suffering really badly from heartburn. After doing a little bit of research I found out that to many carbs can cause problems. He also gets really bad itching sensation on his arms and legs which drives him mad, this comes and goes and while I think it is worse when he is stressed he doesn't seem to think so. I dont know if the two go hand in hand but if there is any information you kind people can pass on to me about either or both it would be most appreciated


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You might try intermittent fasting to reset his system. Dr Jason Fung's blog has a wealth of information as do his videos on youtube. Try introducing small meals based on low carb high fat:




Thank you I will take a look, its hard to know where to get the best information and I think its good when you get other peoples opinions who have been/are going through these things

thanks for getting back to me :)


Hiya, was interested to see your post, I've got a medication review tomorrow (PPI s for heartburn ) and have just driven myself a bit nuts reading lots of conflicting information on the internet. A lot of people seem to be blaming bread or gluten but there doesn't seem to be any hard evidence behind that unless you're a diagnosed coeliac, but this could be because the research hasn't been done. Has your husband been to the doctor about this? There are some causes for heartburn that can be easily diagnosed and treated and best to rule out something that could be worrying like a stomach ulcer.

In general my food is higher on the fat and lower on the carbs than the government " Eatwell " plate shows but I do like my homemade bread. Heartburn is variable for me, I can go for weeks or months without an episode, and the only things which I can definitely identify as triggers are large volume of food and beans of any sort and too tight trousers! These are easy to avoid but still it happens sometimes out of the blue.

Your husband may find if he reduces carbs his meals are smaller volume which may help, it does for me, but I would still recommend he gets checked out by a dr.

I'll post back here tomorrow if I learn anything useful after my appointment. 😀


He hasn't been to the drs but I thought being food related hopefully we could find a direction to go in, I have found myself that cutting gluten out has made me feel a lot better but that was more thyroid & intolerance to mainly bread that made me make that choice. Researching gluten it seems to be the root of all evil 😄😄 Darren doesn't seem to have any particular trigger as he can get it when he hasn't eaten for hours. He did have an ulcer many years ago but that gave him intolerable pain which is different to now.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow 😄


Hi thankyou, the review turned out to be with a pharmacist at the drs surgery not a GP, so he just authorised another year of repeat prescriptions as I appeared to be ok and only using the tablets as and when needed I didn't learn anything new.

Has your husband tried his new way of eating? Hope this solves the problem for him, but if he's still experiencing problems after trying this I still think it's a good idea to see the doctor. I'm not a big fan of medication and will only take it if I really need it but you don't want your oesophagus constantly coated in stomach acid or it can damage the lining.

Hope he finds some relief 😀



Glad all is good with you :)

Darren hasn't really changed anything although I am cooking more meals with veg - as a pose to having chips or pasta and he hasn't complained so much. If I ask him he says its still the same but I dont really think it is as he would moan about it for sure. He has been taking Fexofenadine for the itching and B complex & Yakult to help with the heartburn. I dont think it can be as bad or he would want to change what he is eating but I will just watch this space so to speak. Getting him to the doctors is a mission and a half, he really doesn't like going so will leave it until he can't take it any more....


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