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Biggest challenge staying on diet?


I've been doing a LCHF diet for a while now. I'm not overly strict but I want to get sort out so that when I'm feeling weak I don't have junk food.

The biggest challenge I have over come at work. Either the Friday chips at lunch, or the chocolates or cake someone has brought in. I have managed to reject them, keeping a boiled egg in the fridge as a go to for the afternoon lull feeling.

My other challenge that I'm still trying to over come is my love of cheddar! I can eat a whole block without realising. Normally when I get home from work whislt tea is cooking I have a nibble. Now I have my tea ready and it only needs warming up when I get home so I don't have to wait as long.

I would love to know what your biggest challenges are/were and how you overcame them?


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It can take months to become fully keto-adapted apparently. I prefer to eat sufficient low Gi carbs to replenish what is used from my glycogen reserves, but not more than that.

I'm sure it's possible to overeat most things, and keeping consciously aware of what we're eating is a good thing in today's society. That said, I frequently have portions of cheese, usually cheddar, that are in the region of two and a half times what the British Heart Foundation would deem a portion, and I have zero calcification of the heart.


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