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Hi everyone. I am what is now known as skinny fat. About 1 to 1.5 stones overweight. Have skinny legs and most of weight is on my stomach ! I am hypothyroid also. I have found it nigh on impossible to lose any weight but easily put weight on.

I have found the diet doctor website fascinating and started very low carb last Monday. Have lost 2 pounds which is very promising and not hungry at all. Only problem is for last 4 nights I have woken up at 4 ish and takes hour and half to get back to sleep. Any advice welcome. I am hoping to stay on LCHF diet and persevere. Low fat diets do nothing for me.

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  • Glad you are starting to lose on LCHF. I've been doing it since probably the end of December and I've lost just about 10kg. I was just finishing off a course of steroids for arthritis when I was found to be T2 diabetic. My docs thought it would go away with just diet and exercise but I decided to help it on nits way andI bought a blood sugar meter.

    I discovered LCHF and the DietDoctor and now I test before and two hours after meals and record everything I eat. By doing that I've discovered which carbs spike my blood sugars - jacket potatoes, bread, even 'good carbs' like oatmeal so I avoid them and get my carbs elsewhere.

    I just discovered tonight when I was looking at my Fitbit logs that I'm still getting quite a lot of carbs - even though I avoid potatoes and grains and obvious carby food.

    It can be very difficult to lose weight when your thyroid is underactive so well done.

    I waken most nights around three / four o'clock too. I find if I get up and go to the loo that seems to be the best way to get back to sleep, although every now and again that doesn't work. I hate when i lie awake for ages then fall into a deep sleep when it is time to get up. I've just bought camomile tea to see if that helps. Not sure if it does though.

  • thanks for this Fruitandnutcase. Good to know that you have lost weight. That will give me some encouragement. I have a feeling a lot of the time like a tingling pain in my head. Must be body adjusting to low carbs. Are you still doing low carb? Good luck.

  • Oh yes, it's not a diet - it's my new life style from now on :)

  • I'm no expert and eating reduced carb rather than strict low carb, but having experienced the difficulty sleeping when I did try very low carb, just a suggestion, might be worth trying to save the carbs you do have for your evening meal and see if that helps your sleep? ☀️

  • Thanks for this. I switched to taking my Levothyroxine at bedtime so try not to eat 2 hrs before. I have found this easier than taking in morning. If waking continues I will try your idea of having the low carbs in the evening. Hopefully that will help with the middle of night waking 🙂

  • Has your sleep got worse since you changed to taking Levo at night? I find my bloods are lowest if I take my main meal at night. Seems odd that they are low after my largest meal but that seems to be how my body works.

    Have to say I was kind of relieved to find that I was actually having a fair amount of carbs, I was surprised to see the percentages. It's just that they are 'better' carbs for me, in that they don't raise my blood sugar then get stored as fat.

  • No I had already switched to taking Meds at night over a month before and wasn't waking up. So def the low carbs. Last night I had some cheese at about 8.30. I then took a couple of paracetamol at 11 and slept til 6 without waking. This seemed to prevent waking up feeling spaced and headachey. Will try the same tonight. I don't want to get into this habit. Nothing worse than being wide awake at 4 am knowing you have to get up for work at 7am ☹

  • Tessica -- add VCO to your diet since you are switching to LCHF diet. VCO and coconut wherever you can add them. It helps in upping metabolism and is said to help on Thyroid. My wife is a Hypo case and ever since I have switched to LCHF around 5 years back, she is also following LCHF and that includes VCO, Coconut and ashvagandha.

    As for sleep, if possible, you can try Ashvagandha -- normally 250 mg BID.

    It helps in thyroid also:

  • Thanks for the advice. Is VCO virgin coconut oil. I am now using this in stir fries. Cannot cope with too much fat as had to have my gallbladder out 2 years ago due to gallstones. Therefore sometimes I dont digest fat well. 🙁

  • Yes on VCO.

    Being largely MCT (over 66% IIRC), it's easy to digest versus LCT fats like butter, clarified butter and regular cooking oils. VCO needs less bile.

  • Thats interesting to know. Many thanks

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