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Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF)
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Hi there, I'm new on this website but have been hanging around on the "weight loss" site for a while and recognize a few names here. I've been losing weight for just over a year, kicked off by being told I was pre-diabetic. Instinctively I cut down on all sugars, after all if I can't process them they can't be good for me. Initial focus was on weight loss, which of course also helps. Over the months I've come to see sugar as a real evil, and carbs as a bit of a problem, as they basically get processed into glucose. LCHF as an option definitely appeals and I have no qualms any more about butter, normal fat milk, high fat yoghurt etc. The reintroduction of all that stuff doesn't seem to have turned me back into a whale! I do have real difficulty going the whole hog though. Every "well balanced" meal has 50% carbs. I eat in the canteen at lunch and the emphasis is always on potatoes, pasta, rice etc. Anything you grab on the hoof is always full of carbs (and I travel a bit on business trips). Everywhere you look there are sandwiches, pizzas, noodle-salads, sushi rolls etc. I've never been a great bread fan, which I'm really glad about now, but it is very difficult to avoid. I live in Germany (to make matters worse) and the message really hasn't got over here. Although we're getting there. I'm sort of half LCHF at the moment (eggs for breakfast, no carbs in the evening). And what about the environment if we all start to eat meat in larger quantities? Oh, the pre-diabetes went relatively quickly, but I suppose I will always be "carb intolerant".

Thoughts and ideas welcome. Thanks

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Glad to hear you're getting on well. I can believe it is difficult in Germany, they like their food, when my son was working in their German office he couldn't keep up with the amount they ate yet he seems to manage OK when he goes to his office in Texas!

Anyway, I avoid sugar and I've found by trial and error grain carbs and potatoes do me no good at all although I can manage a couple if baby new potatoes without any problem.

I used to eat a lot of fruit which I no longer do. I'm getting used to that though.

My on the hoof food is nuts and seeds - pumpkin and sunflower - just like the birds in the garden and maybe an apple. Or I will buy some cooked chicken from a supermarket - it's not a very sociable way to eat though. Like you I'm on eggs for breakfast too and I get my carbs from carby vegetables. I've bought a very good Meuller spiraliser and now eat masses of veg.

Be glad you got rid of your pre diabetes - I developed steroid induced T2 diabetes which I'm hoping will be gone soon - I bought my own blood glucose meter (the NHS does not provide them for folk like me!) and I'm definitely 'eating to the blood tests'. The numbers I'm recording look good but a lot depends on what happens in between. Hopefully nothing much and my next HbA1c will be fine. I agree, yu might have got rid of the pre diabetes but it is probably lurking there waiting for you to have a few nasty carbs. I ow that even if I get rid of the T2 I'm always going to be susceptible :(

Since starting to eat this way and walking fir half an hour every day plus gym and Pilates I've gone from 73.6kgs to 65.8 kg so it is paying off - I didn't look as heavy as I was but the extra weight wasn't doing me any good , I've got a good way to go still though but LCHF is definitely working for me and I don't seem to get hungry either.

Good luck avoiding all that lovely German food. :)


Thanks for the tips. I also grab some cooked chicken when travelling. But, as you say, not very sociable. Quietly stuffing yourself on a warm chicken leg on the train to Frankfurt in the evening is not really great for your fellow travelers! But eggs are worse! I'm going to have to up my veg consumption, I can see that. Nuts and seeds are a good idea.

Good luck with getting rid of your diabetes, there are loads of stories out there of people who've managed it on LCHF.


Thank you - I'm very hopeful and out getting rid of the T2. I think LCHF is really the way to go.

Sounds like you're definitely a considerate traveller. Mind you the smell of hard boiled eggs ought to clear the carriage for you if you need a seat - could be your secret weapon :)

Might even pack a few for next time I want to get a seat on a London bound early morning train :)

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Impressive figures, that's just how I want to be:)

I can't understand why doctors keep pushing the 'carbs with every meal' treatment. If I had done that I hate t think where I would be now.

I haven't had an HbA1c since I was diagnosed in December last year, I think it will be some time in March. I'm hopeful though because I'm testing before and two hours after every meal and recording what I eat and eliminating everything that makes me spike even if so far it hasn't tipped me over the 'non diabetic' figures I'm working from. I just don't want to get that close t the upper ranges. My doc and diabetes nurse don't know that I have decided to do my own thing and go LCHF so I'll be interested to see what my results are.

The done so well though, I'm really impressed and it is so encouraging to read stories like yours :)


What about resistant starch as suggested by dr oz.there ar many books advertising lchf and likes but expensive.if anyone having some of these books ,can you mail me.personally request mr a up.i am new on this forum. Mahendranayak52@yahoo.co.in


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