what can I drink

hi there,

I'm interested in trying this diet because everything else seems to have failed.

the food side appeals to me and i think i can stick to it no problem, but my problem is I drink quite a bit of soda, but it seems to be a no no on this diet and all i really see mentioned is tea or coffee (with no sugar or sweeteners...i normally have 2 sugars) or water plain or with fruit... Is there anything I can replace the soda with.

Thanks for your help


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  • Soda is an absolute killer and I would wean myself off it. You could try sugar free as an interim, but really it's just a matter of getting used to it.

  • Iced or hot green tea with lemon. Excellent beverage besides plain water.

  • Just go for good old water - tap or bottled. You get used to it, I did, I never drink diet cokes these days, I don't even miss it now. I gave up chocolate, cakes, biscuits, all that sort of stuff to and went totally GF at the same time.

    I drink fizzy water with a slice of lemon in it if I'm out. I'm not on LCHF to lose weight as such - I dices covered I was T2 diabetic so I'm on it to reverse my T2 rather than as a 'diet'. It works though, I've gone from 73.8kg to 66.4kg since December. I never feel hungry either, I've had to give up bread and stuff made from grains. - that totally spikes my blood sugar and I'm wanting to keep it from doing that so I'm getting my carbs from vegetables rather than grain - jacket potatoes are out too, although I've discovered I can eat a few boiled mini potatoes.

  • thanks for the advice all, i heard somewhere about the bad breath did any of you go through that?

  • It can be a side effect. I get a metallic taste in my mouth a bit. I drink fizzy water with a slice of lime or lemon. Sodas are a definite no no. They're pure sugar. Try to get off them. Your body and your teeth will thank you.

  • Is the metallic taste what causes bad breath? How long does it last normally?

  • Hi Nic2ie,

    I'm going to give you a link to read


    Speaking personally, I'm in ketosis and have keto breath. It's not the most pleasant thing in the world, but the alternative of not losing the weight as fast, is for me, a lot worse :)

    Hopefully the link should give you the answers you're looking for :)

    Good luck :)

    PS Drink water, it cures most ills :D

  • Thanks Moreless it helped a lot.

  • That's good Nic :)

    Good luck! :)

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