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1 year old with itp

my son was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with itp when i noticed he had bruises and rashes i was scared to take him to be seen but i am proud i did and got a diagnosed of itp my son is 1 , when he was diagnosed 4 weeks ago his platlets wee 10 :( on monday he had hospital and he his platlets were 13 :D and he had no treatment he is my strong boy but now he has come down with a tempreture and just wants to sleep but is burning up i give him calpol what more can i give him please help ? thanks and good luck to all parents with children in the same situation x

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Hi Sophie,

My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP in February. Same sympthoms as your son. In hospital she was a low as 2 and was given a blood product transfusion which brought her platelets up. Had a check up 2 weeks later, platelets still up. A further check up is for July/August. If symphtoms reappear straight to hospital. A sufferer of ITP don't feel sick etc.


hi, i hope you little ones temps down now. my little boy was diagnosed last august at 22m, his platelets fluctuated between 10 and 15 until the october just for his bday party when they shot up to 78, then the next month were back to 200 and something where they stayed. it was a horrendous time i thought would never end but thankfully he made a full recovery. hope your son recovers quickly too, the younger they are the better they can get rid of it. xxx



My son also was diagnosed with ITP last month around his first birthday. His count was 23, which rose to 31 in two days, and rose to 76 in one week. As the counts were increasing, the Drs prescribed 'wait and watch' but in the last 15-days I saw some tiny bruises on his body just before his scheduled blood test. He doesn't have any other symptoms and his other counts are well within normal range.

The poor guys is traumatized with frequent blood tests (4 in just three weeks :() and shows his needle pricks to anyone he sees :(. We have decided to not do any blood tests till he is at least 1.5yr and will just ignore his spontaneous bruises. However, will watch him like a hawk for any signs of bleeding or other unusual symptoms.

From what I've read, you can give paracetamol (Crocin/Calpol) for fevers but Ibuprofen, Aspirin are a big NO as they are blood-thinners. Goodluck and hope your child feels recovers soon from this scary condition


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