ITP Holiday x

Wouldn't it be great if all ITP sufferers could book a whole hotel for 2 weeks and have a throughly good holiday without being stared at as if your a wife/husband/partner/child beater.

My main symptom is severe bruising & although my partner has no issues with it, while on holiday we get stared at by the pool cos I have bruising. I don't care what others think but it would be great "not to give a dam" and sunbathe, swim and generally enjoy yourself. - Oh i wish we could all go and have some fun without the "looks". xx

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  • Dead right but who cares, like you I don't and yes I always blame my wife and she plays upto it sometimes depending on the company.

  • Its a real pain,I know where your coming from,I just say I do cage fighting and you should see the other guy :-D I have Vegas in 4 weeks so I am trying to be as carefull as I can at work for this reason...

  • I have not been able to have a holiday or a break all year due to constant visits to hospital. I would enjoy a holiday in an igloo in a snow storm! NickyD

  • Hi yes like the sound of good holiday like NickyD I'm going to hospital every week since starting romiplostim because its so unpredictable my consultant is not willing to let me fly till more stable so here's hoping but would be nice to all have get together holiday

  • I know how you feel. My five yr old daughter has awful bruises on show at the moment. One right on her cheek. Until recently we had somehow avoided getting any that couldnt be hidden with normal every day clothes, but she walked into a door handle and a beautiful bruise the size of a 20p grew into four 20p's size. Just this wk a 'caring' shop assistant commented on it, and millies puzzled face led me to explain the condition. Normally, this would mean they would feel embarressed and we would leave, but not this one. The nice lady carried feeling sorry for her. Very nice, but awkward. We know why, and thats all that should matter, but somehow society makes us feel we have to explain!! Crazy. Take Care x

  • worst scenario,when daughter was about 5,she was unwell had to go to local hospital,got inquisition about bruising,worse thing was,she hadnt been diagnosed with itp then,I have condition that causes bruising,in the end staff put it down to the fact daughter probably had same thing,especially as we had as a family been to see geneticist,so it was a good job we did.daughters bruising got worse,then itp diagnosed aged 12gets lots of aches,pains,fatigue,masses of bruises,yet itp isnt low enough really to explain bruising,so hospital doctor is looking into it further and referring daughter to rheumatology as well,platelet count varies between 47 right up to 92,so its high I presume compared to other children,my daughter is 13,could anybody let me know how thier child fares,it would be appreciated,thankyou.

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