Has anyone had a change in thyroid function after prednisolone?

I am hypo-thyroidal and on levothyroxine. My last check was back in February at the same time as my ITP diagnosis, and was fine. My GP is now sending me for a blood test to check THA levels as he says steroids can affect the thyroid (along with everything else!) Anyone else had any experience of this?

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  • Hi Regsmum. Steroids are really only suitable for a short time and they can affect all sorts of things in different people. See what happens with your count for the thyroid and then you can make an informed decisions. I know where you live, but where are you being treated for your ITP is it Wrexham?

  • Thanks for answer sailor. I am really suffering with fatigue at the moment and am hoping it can be fixed with an increase in thyroxine. Fingers crossed.

    I am being treated at Glan Clwyd, but the consultant I was assigned to retired the next week so I have seen a few different hematologists. Are you at Wrexham?

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