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Check Up - Rituximab still working

Latest check up at the Royal Berkshire Hospital on Monday 14/11/11.

Very pleased that platelet count was 144, which was exactly the same as my last check up on April 27th. Seems that Rituximab treatment I had in August 2010 is still working. I have not taken any other medication since September 2010 when I was taken off the steroid gradually. Just very grateful that since Rituximab treatment my platelet levels have remained above 100

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Wow that's a great count. Had my bloods done at the docs on Wednesday & have to ring for results on Monday. I hate the wait - constantly wondering & worrying what it is! Do you get that too?


Absolutely. Even after 5 years of ITP I still get quite jumpy when I am waiting for platelet results. I even get a bit concerned the day before I go for the blood test (I guess it is only natural to be nervous). I think that I am better and more relaxed about it nowadays and that is mainly because the Rituximab treatment has worked. I generally try to focus much more on the here and now, think about today, and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. That is not to say that my time planning is complete rubbish ( though my wife would say other wise) but that I try to be more flexible about things.

I think one of the main things I have learned from my ITP experience is... Don`t worry about the things you cannot control, enjoy what you have and don`t waste time worrying . In general I guess it is make the most of NOW.


That's great news and, for people like myself with fluctuating platelets, it is comforting to know that other treatments can put fellow sufferers into remission, particularly when some treatments have failed to do so (steroids in my case).


There are so many more treatment options available for ITP nowadays. Even since I was diagnosed 5 years ago, treatments, awareness, and knowledge of ITP has moved forward dramatically. The main thing is that it is getting the RIGHT TREATMENT for each individual ITP sufferer.

As we all respond differently to each treatment the key is getting the right treatment. This of course is trial and error and it may take a lot more trial with some than others BUT the key is that there are so many more options now available. The main thing in my opinion is the relationship you have with your ITP specialist/haematologist and making sure you discuss fully all the options and implications that are now open.

This is why the ITP Support Association are campaingning for UK Centres of Excellence for ITP, where sufferers will be treated by specialists in ITP and have access to the latest treatments/drugs and upto date advice.


Hi Anthony, Could you pls confirm still you have the same platelet count after rituximab treatment,


Yes Nasar, platelet count was 159 at last blood test in April 2015. I did relapse in May 2013 and had another round of Rituximab June 2013 and since then platelet count over 100.


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