Happy News for a change for me :)

After 18 years since I relapsed and the ITP returned, I have achieved an increase in platelets on my own, that is without any treatments. I usually run a count of between 15 and 25 and it's been running steadily along that line for years. I went for my 6 monthly check up last Wednesday and had a count of 38!!!! not much but to me it's brilliant. Quite chuffed. Here's hoping the trend continues upwards. Merry Christmas all, may you have quality family time and a good rest after the big day.


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  • Dear sheela do you take any special diet for ITP?

    I am also suffering fromITP

    Can you please give me any suggestion .


  • No not really, just try and eat healthy, not too many take away foods. I have been eating more fish so maybe that helps. If I do find out what it might be I'll let you know, but at the moment I have no idea how it's happened on it's own lol

  • Great news! Merry Christmas!

  • Thank You, you too and Happy New Year

  • I am a happy bunny again, I have not long got back from my check up and it's a new high of 43!!!! What's going on lol I have no clue how I'm achieving yet another good count by my standards. I need to lose weight although I don't really look it I'm over 12 stone and would like to get to 10 again. Smaller portions it is then and less snacks and longer walks with the doggies. I'm hoping that this continues nicely but I am realistic it could be just a good patch. Have a great summer :)

  • Hi swheels

    just seen your messages and was wondering how your doing now. Hope you don't mind me asking


  • Hi I have had a few illnesses, tonsillitis a couple of weeks ago but viral things I tend to put more to the fact I have no spleen. The ITP I've not had any really telling symptoms of a drop in count. I should be seeing a consultant in June. Thank You for asking. The above was 2 years ago, I've had a bad year from last Feb to now with cold, the tonsillitis, and now have ovarians cysts. Getting old sucks lol Having no spleen has to account for the cold and tonsillitis a bit. I had the flu jab in October (the cold was a summer one) but viruses can still get in. Thanks Again


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