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bruising with platelet count of 100

I have a genetic condition called ehler danlos hypermobile type,where joints are loose,bruise easy,lots of pain fatigue,its a synndrome so every bodily aspect can be affected %50 chance of children having it. my youngest has it ,especially flatfooted,proplemswith her neck,back legs,tummy probs,hearing ,bruising and bleeding,fatigue and pain.she has ice pads and takes a low dose of cocodamol she is 13. recently started periods,heavy,the bruising got terrible,looked like she had been in a car crash.low platelet 47. now under birmingham childrens hospital. testdfor allsorts negative. but even when her platelet count goes up to say 100 she still gets all the bruising,so it is not low platelets causing this,she has to go back beginning of october,I think she needs to see a different type of doctor not a haemotologist help any ideas gratefully recieved thankyou.

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Hello hypermobliecat, and sorry to hear that your daughter is having bruising even when she has a platelet count of upto 100. As a UK resident you are fully entitled to seek a second opinion if you feel you are not making much progress with your existing specialist. You can ask your GP or existing specialist to refer you to get a second opinion from another expert. In the case of ITP there is a list of recognised UK specialists which you can get from ITP Support Association HQ on and then you can get your GP or existing specialist to refer you to the one closest to you.

Hope this helps but do let us know how you get on.


thankyou for pointing us in the right direction will look in to what you have let us know.


I won't complain about my bruises again after reading this.


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