Help with Presyncope

I have been getting episodes of Presyncope for over 2 years. My GP prescribed Fludrocortisone which I can't take due to the bad side effects. I eat a good balanced diet and drink caffeinated drinks (GP's advice) as i was drinking only decaf.The episodes come on without any warning - I find that they cause depression and fatigue.

Any other "sufferers" with advice.

Thanks - Hoaroak

2 Replies

  • Hi Hoaroak, I sometimes feel like I am going to faint. It has not happened very often and when it does it passes very quickly. How long do your episodes last? Mine come and go within a few minutes, not enough for me to have to do anything about them. NickyD

  • Thanks Nicky. My episodes are brief but I have to sit or lie down when they happen. They don't last long but long enough to make me feel "washed out"

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