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ITP and covid vaccine


I haven’t yet checked for any articles but I was wondering if the Covid vaccines are going to be safe and effective for ITP sufferers given our immune systems being compromised (or am I wrong? I was once told - except for when at the beginning I took steroids - that my immune system was overactive.

Any thoughts?

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Been doing some reading around and it states in the public health publication that those with compromised immune system might not respond or make antibodies........ and am left asking so what then. Don’t know if I have answered your question or caused more concerns

Gabriella28 in reply to Della30

Thanks Della30. Will ask my consultant when I next see him.

On the ITP support page there is a post where an ITP professor has written his opinion on the vaccine and its safety. It’s a very interesting read and informative 👍🏻

Anthonyh7 in reply to swheels

Thank you for flagging that ups wheels. Yes I posted the article out a few weeks ago but here is the link for anyone who missed it -

Hello Gabriella, the following link may be of interest. It is written by Professor Adrian Newland CBE one of the ITP Support Association's medical advisors and a leading ITP expert.

The article is at the following link -

Thank you Anthony I will follow the link with interest

Anthony, I have read Professor Newland’s article but it does not mention how the immune system would be affected by the covid vaccines which I had hoped to learn about.

I will ask my specialist about the issue that you raise, namely - how will the vaccine(s) affect the immune system.

I will also ask the ITP Support Association to see if they can get one of their medical panel to perhaps try to explain in laypersons terms what the vaccine(s) do to the immune system and generally how they work.

Will let you know how I get on.

Thank you very much. Hope you’re staying safe and keeping well.

Jmarco in reply to Anthonyh7

Anthony- thank you- I have been trying to find out how ITP May possibly be affected by vaccines !

I would like to find out if any test have been conducted with the Covid injection on people who have ITP. It would be interesting to see if any tests have been conducted. My platelets are very low usually are about 5 to 7, I never have the flu jab!. As only had it once and had about 10 blood blisters . Which I sometimes get in my mouth if I have a cold. It would be reassuring to be able to find out. As not sure weather it will be safe for me.

I would also like to know what are the risks about having the vaccine compared to not having it

This was an interesting read

I think it is inevitable that when millions have been vaccinated and billions are due to be vaccinated against Covid that connections to rare incidents will be made. The fact is several million mostly elderly people with all sorts of medical conditions have already been vaccinated and we have one death with no proof of the cause. Against that we have thousands of deaths each day from Covid, currently almost 1000 a day in the UK alone. Until my haematologist says otherwise I’ll be in the queue for the vaccine as soon as it’s offered to me.

I think I agree here but perhaps all the same cases like this should be investigated

I’d like to see some more info on people with ITP having the vaccine before I have it

Hi Monty55555,

I have ITP and currently on Romiplostim. I had the Covid vax last week after discussion with my haematologist; she recommended having it and did a blood test 3 days before and arranged another for the next 10/14 days. Currently feeling very well apart from the usual ITP fatigue; no other ITP signs.

As an aside, the DM story you referred to appeared to have number of errors and inconsistencies. Very noticable that there has been no follow up on the cause of this single death, and no further suggestion that the vaccination could have been involved.

Had my COVID vaccine (Pfizer) on 14th Feb with no side effects other than a slight sore arm for 24 hours. I have been on Eltrombopag for the last 6 years and my average platelet count over the last year has been 96. I got a routine blood test 8 days after my vaccine and platelets were 106. So no real side effects from Pfizer vaccine and no real change on my platelet count.

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