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How long does rituxan/rituximab take to work?


Hello, I’m 26 years old I recently got diagnosed with ITP in May/June of this year. Counts were usually around 50, dipped to 12,000 once and then I had to get on prednisone and been on it ever since. I did finish the 4 infusions of rituxan as well and my last treatment was September 29th. It’s now November 8th and still no increase from the Rituxan. My doctor did say it sometimes takes up to 3 months after the last dose to see an effect so I have until December, but what are your experiences?

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Hello Madeenagharwal,

I hope that you are doing ok.

Your doctor is correct in explaining that Rituximab can take up to 3 months to impact on the platelet count.

Many people respond very quickly but others take longer.

I saw a good response in my platelet count when I had Rituximab in 2010 and again n 2013. My platelets responded within about 2 weeks on both occasions but we are all different.

I got a good period of remission from Rituximab and had a steady, normal platelet count of around 150 for about 2 years and 8 months both times I had Rituximab.

BUT - In 2016 I relapsed and decided not to have Rituximab for a 3rd time so I have been on Mycophenolate Mofetil ever since then with very good platelet counts around 150 or above except for the odd blip.

If you want to see a summary of my ITP story you can check it out on You Tube in 2 Parts -

Hope this all helps and good luck

Best wishes


Madeenagharwal -

You may also wish to read my ITP blog at the following link -


Hope it helps

Nest wishes


Hi Madeenagharwal I have had Rituxan 3 times and it took 3 months to kick in. The first time I got 5 years out of it and the second one I got 2 years. Unfortunately it didn't work on the 3 occasion. Hope this helps. Good luck

Thanks for your reply! It’s great that you got that many years out of it? My counts right now are at about 70,000. Did it take 3 months from your last dose of the round of rituxan or from the first?

I had my last dose on September 30th and my doctor told me it can take 3 months from last dose, so I’m going to wait until end of December! Fingers crossed it works

What happened on the third time?

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