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Does anyone has inconsistent platelet count ?


Since I got a bad cold with fever in March , my count has been the lowest. Last year the lowest I had was around 70. This year in March in went down up 43, since then my count is like a yo-yo. July I had the highest at 130, then it dropped to 64 in Aug and now in Sep to 43. I don’t have any bruising , bleeding or heavy period. I’ve been on good diet, less alcohol intake. In fact two weeks before my blood test in Sep, I was trying out a healthy diet. I was taking spinach, beetroot , Tumeric, ginger, chia seeds with protein shake in the morning and lots of other healthy protein intake like pulses, lentils for lunch and dinner. I don’t understand why platelet dropped. I know it dropped in Aug as I has a little too much alcohol. Shouldn’t it improve if I’m back on a healthy diet ? I also started gym, as I recalled last year I was very active but soon as I stopped and I was stressed with work sometime July last year , I started having heavy periods. Is there anything else I can do to increase my platelet counts ?

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I took Turmeric but then found this do I stopped. It’s a good idea to Check on google before taking anything or ask your specialist

1 in 5000 male individuals is affected by haemophilia- a type of bleeding disorder. The incidence of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura is around 3.3 cases per 100,000 per year.

Individuals suffering from bleeding disorders have to be very careful with their diet. Turmeric is said to have blood thinning properties- it may influence the clotting of blood.

Many individuals suffering from bleeding disorders or taking anti-coagulants are advised not to include turmeric in diet due to its anti-platelet or blood thinning property.

Hi Shielz, yes illness and increased stress have a negative effect on our immune system which ( in my case), drops my count by 20 to 30 thousand. I’m on weekly Nplate and platelet counts; on Thursday my count was 47 thousand, received Nplate learned on Friday that my childhood friend had died. Seven days of crying dropped my count to 12 thousand, at that level I have increased bruising, irritability, fatigue and depression. It took 4-5 weeks of continued Nplate injections to recover my count to 30 thousand. You are doing all the things to maintain your physical any emotional health which is our only option until there is a cure, research is on going hang in there!

This site has an excellent education center, check it out. Be well:) Georgia

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I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.


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