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Remission on eltrombopag


Has anyone here experienced a remission while taking eltrombopag (revolade, promacta). I was put on the drug a year ago after some very low platelet counts (single figures), My initial dose was 50mg a day and I responded very quickly with counts over 350 after 2 weeks. My dose has gradually been reduced and I now take one 25mg tablet 4 times a week. My counts have remained strong and yesterday the count was 204.

My haematologist tells me that my IPF count is normal which suggests that my immune system is much less active against my platelets and I'm now in remission. The plan is to reduce the dose to zero over the next 2 or 3 months and then just monitor me closely to make sure my counts don't fall.

Has anyone else had a similar experience ?

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Hi my daughter slowly had her dose reduced but her platelet count started to drop and dropped quite rapidly to single figures, which it had not been for a long time.. She was put back on to her higher does of 75mg a day until her count increased she is now on 50mg a day and her count remains stable at about 140 to 190 she takes her eltrombopag along with mycophenolate and has done now for a number of years. Good luck if you are in remission and can be 'pill' free , regards Lindylou

Thanks Lindylou.

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