Hi everyone just want to give update still on 75mg eltrombopag dare i say i seem to be responding my count is 50+in january i had previously booked holiday in spain for 3weeks for end of may into june which meant i was in limbo went to ITP clinic on thursday and my consultant has given me the go ahead to fly out on monday providing i only stay 2weeks as she feels its still early days she has given me a letter for any emergency stating my condition and treatment and also got insurance from flexi cover i wish all itprs well and hope everyone gets help will update when i get back (hopefully good news )kind regards salmagal

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  • Really pleased for you. it gives me hoipe that will be allowed on holiday too soon as we are desperate to go. I have been on Romiplostin for 4 weeks now and my count has gone from 1 to 69 so fingers crossed. have a nice holiday.

  • thanks edf106n im sure you will get your holiday i sincerely hope so im a bit nervous but have my letter and insurance and will just take it easy thanks salmagal

  • HI salmagal I cannot go on holiday as I attend hospital two three times a week - you are so lucky to be able to go away - enjoy every minute. NickyD

  • hi salmagal, delighted to hear you are having a positive response, our little boy who is only 5 is back up at hospital on fri and potentially will be starting eltrombopag!!!!! he has tried many other treatments and all have been unsuffessfull, his response has been zero!!!! fingers crossed he has agood response like yourself. have a fab holiday :)

  • hi sadley have to report our little boy did not respond to eltrombpag, platelet sount is still only 3, at this time the only alternative for us is removel of the spleen, really difficult to make a decision to be truthful!!

  • Mom I hope u did ur homework before deciding on spleen removal cause it didn't work for my daughter! We back to square one'

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