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Spontaneous ITP remission?


I was diagnosed with ITP a few months ago after a routine CBC found my platelets to be 50,000. I had a few follow up counts to confirm the diagnosis, all between 50-80,000. My hematologist wasn’t very concerned and said she wouldn’t actually treat unless my counts dropped below 20-30,000. Most recently my platelet count was 190,000, without changing anything! Is this kind of fluctuation in platelet counts common with ITP?

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Looks like you are one of the lucky ones and have had a remission. Mostly with itp your counts are up and down but quite a bit lower than what your counts were. All the best and good for you in getting better fairly quickly.

You're luck! Maybe you had a lower count due to medications, etc. I haven't had a count of even 50 in a very long time! But...yes, fluctuations are common with ITP. Good luck to you.

Well, I' m hoping that mine will stay normal too, and was told there are a few people who are diagnosed but if they respond well to treatment they never drop below normal again. started out with 4,000 and after 2/12 days of treatment in hospital and 2 days on steroids at home I have been in normal range. This was about 6 weeks ago. I go for my 4th blood test this week and hope for normal again. So perhaps there is a permanent remission for some people. I hope for you it happens!! Good luck

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