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Can the platelets count still increase or there is no chance?

Hi,my father had platelets count disorder since almost 6 months and few times it dropped down to less than 10,000.My father had been eating Revolade tablets which helped increase the platelets but still count was fluctuating.Doctors found out the spleen size was above normal size so they figured out spleen could be the possible reason.3 Weeks ago they removed the spleen,platelets count increased to 250,000 in the next 2,3 days then it went down to 90,000--60000- and in the end to 6000.Doctors advised him to take revolade again but platelets count still fluctaues between 6000-10000.I want to ask was the spleen removal was a failed experiment or platelts count can still increase? cause some doctors said count is not increasing because he is still still taking antibiotecs? please suggest what else can be done? what are the possible options.Please respond

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spleen removal is not a solution platelets destroy in spleen or in liver there is a blood test that tells wether platelets destroy in spleen or in liver ( i dnt remember the name) so pls pls everyone before deciding removal of spleen go for that test because if spleen is not causing platelets destroy that would be wastage of your important body part

pls try vitamin c tablets 500mg 2 tablets / day and hopefully you will get better result soon


Dear akhurram79, your response to shamistrano was not only wrong but irresponsible; platelets are destroyed by the spleen not the liver. Vitamin C is important for many things such as scurvy, (a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C causing swollen bleeding gums), and has no effect on platelets or their production. If you don't know what you're talking about you should educate yourself or STAY off this site!!kyriak51:((((.


It might not help with platelets but I find vitamin c helps with bruising

Your comments are rude


this is what i did and i share with ofcource dr. dont agree with this but it is helpfull


Hi shamistrano, the spleen was enlarged because it's job is destroy abnormally large platelets which seemed to work for your dad for a short time. Other treatments include high dose Dexamethasone for 5 days, IVIG and 4 weekly informations of Rituxan, none of which worked for me, my platelets dropped to 5K which required platelet infusions in late 2009. Fortunately Nplate, the drug I had been waiting for had just been approved in 2008 and was the next step; I've been receiving weekly infections since 2010 to maintain my counts between 50 to 80K which allows me to continue working and have a fairly active life. At this time there no cure but can be managed like any other chronic disease such as diabetes, renal disease or hypertension. I advise that you learn as much as you can about ITP so that you and your dad can participate in and advocate for for appropriate medical care. Check out for great information on causes and treatment options for ITP, the more you know the better the care you will receive! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang in there! kyriak51:)))


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