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Enlarged spleen and liver

I was diagnosed with enlarged spleen and liver. The spleen is 12.86cm and liver is 15cm .then my GP told me to get complete blood count test and liver function test both of which came out to be normal and everything was in between reference range. But the doctor couldn't tell me the real problem and gave some vitamins. Its been 20 days since the diagnose and I am not feeling any betterment. I got one more blood count test 10 days after diagnose and previous blood test and everything was normal in that as well. I am scared of any kind of Lymphoma or Leukemia,or any serious illness kindly suggest something.

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Enlarge liver and spleen is not a diagnosis, you need to see someone other than your GP. I would recommend an internal medicine doctor or someone in hematology/oncology. Don’t let fear prevent you from seeking a real diagnosis and treatment:)


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