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Spleen removal 11/25/14, tried every treatment before hand and now classified as refractory ITP

Thursday got counts back about 10am (3k), my family doctor called to let me know about the numbers before faxing them to me. He seemed a little freak out and of course with good reason 3K!!!!! So I did what he told me, call the specialist to see if she wanted me to come in earlier than my 1pm appointment. They said just keep the appointment, so when I got there we went over the past blood work and my records of everything that had happened. I keep up with everything from medications, symptoms and how I feel and my specialist loves that about me. So she wanted to do a re count to make sure it wasn't an error since I felt good other than been tired and that is normal for me. So we did the re count and came back at 2k, now back on the Pred train once again!!!! Going Monday to get a re count with family doctor to make sure the Pred is doing its job and if I get anymore symptoms I have to go to ER...

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  • forgot to add 33 years and diagnosed 4/12

  • Amberyard,

    Wow! Scary stuff, but I admire the way you stay on top of your condition. Good luck on the prednisone! I hope it restores your counts to safe levels quickly. Let us know how you progress.

  • You should see my rant on facebook (PRED). Its tough love and yes the first dose I could see a difference. I did have a blood blister this morning and after taking Pred it was gone in 3-4 hours. But who know what the morning will bring could be more blood blisters.

  • Have you tried N-plate? Rituxan? Prednisolone is the very last option after spleen has been removed although it's the cheapest hence loved by doctors.

  • N-plate gives me horrible headaches. I have no insurance so right now pred is my only real choice.

  • This week started with 9k then 3 rounds of IVIG's and ended on 35k. Re check next week.

  • last count 55k and doctor lowered Pred to 35mg and added Lasix to help with water retention.

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