Wait and see : )

I have not posted for a while I am adapting a wait and see approach well I waited no change platelets between 30/50 and I see I am still bruising : ) all in all no change strange illness ITP.

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  • I can see what your talking about. I get my tests and my counts never change. I chose the wait and see approach to and I can’t figure out why they always stay at 26. They tell me that that my platelets stick together so the count could be more. I have no symptoms in fact if they didn’t tell me I had ITP I would have no idea I had it.

  • Previously mentioned I suffer with fatigue ,sore joints, not sure if it is due to ITP my hematologist has done lots of other tests due to the fact I am coming out in little brown dots and some red dots this may be petchulie ( may not be correct spelling ) mentioned it may be auto immune so many to choose from : ) i am actaully thinking of joining them all up see what appears and post.

  • PLEASE PLEASE try vitamin D I have had ITP for twenty years with a steady 30 ish except for pregnancy it dropped 3 thousand. I had a vitamin D deficiency so I started taking 1000ui daily next year numbers are up 63 so now I up it to 2000 ui daily next draw up again 96. Next time you see your doctor ask him to check your D levels it can't hurt

  • Rollercoaster of ITP : ) I will do .

  • I think each person reacts to different stuff I’ve been on 2000 hi for years and I still only have a count of 26. I used to spend hours researching online and my mind would be going in circles. I stopped doing that cause I got nowhere. I just eat healthy and live my life. No point stressing. It never hurts to try things though, who never know what might work.

  • Stress what's that : ) I feel the January blues do not help why I am enjoying some much needed comedy films on this dreary day.

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