Tattoo anyone?

I have ITP and I am getting a tattoo in January. Has anyone got a tattoo after they were diagnosed with ITP??/ Please let me know if you have.



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  • No but I would like to ask the same question as I want another one, thanks Tom

  • I spoke with my hematologist and my platelets run from 40 to 81. She said it ws OK. I would check with your provider..Then I called the young woman who does my tattoos if it would be OK. She said no problem; but don't take any aspiring or blood thinners for that day or right before the day...I hope this helps.

  • Hello yes i have I was diagnosed with ITP back in 2006... but i have gotten a tattoo this was in July 2017.. I know its okay to get one i did get labs done that month and my platelets were at a good number I wanna say over 180,000. I was doing monthly labs. Which i have been doing for the past two years. But if your numbers are good no worries reason being I know some people bleed and I know when platelets are low with any little poke you just bleed it happened to me when I got a TB done for my job just by that little needle poke I couldn't stop bleeding and i had done labs the previous day and I got a call from my hemotologist sure enough platelet were low... this was years ago tho.. so if you know your platelets are at a decent count go for it why not we can't let this disease make us atop doing what we want to do in life but of course just be care ful when there down... good luck with your tattoo.

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