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Naturopathic Treatment anyone?


Has anyone try naturopathic treatment to find out more cause of ITP?

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I have not tried naturopathic treatments, but I have found that diet can significantly influence platelet counts for ITP.

Do you know what kind of diet you try that help you? I like to give a try and monitor my platelets.

I took the same approach that you are suggesting. That is try things and watch for small changes in platelet counts. Over the years I have found several food to eat and several foods to stay away from which each make a small difference in the platelet counts. These foods may be different for each person but I will share the ones that work for me. Daily Salmon oil is good. (Small doses make a difference. Larger doses do not increase the effect.) Other helpful foods include walnuts, almonds, and cashews (raw not roasted). I think it is important to get fresh high quality organically grown foods, well sealed and not exposed to oxygen. Keep them in the frig once the package is opened. But it seems that flax seed can cause my platelets to crash. I have to carefully read the ingredients in margarines.

goldylockz1 in reply to RobertSp

Happy that you are able to be off any treatment! I too feel that healthy eating makes a huge difference in terms of my energy levels when my platelets are lower. Still need the Nplate but feel much better going whole foods and organic

Yes, I see a homeopathic doctor & the treatments are very easy on my body no harmful chemicals.

How is your platelets after you see the homeopathic Dr. ? Do you still use traditional medicine to maintain s safe levels?

For many years (since 1990) I had occasional treatments of traditional IVig coupled with prednisone. These were applied only when the platelet counts crashed. The platelets have not crashed now for several years. There have been no crashes since 2005. There is no Homeopathic Doctor involved; only a traditional hematologist. My diet is not a homeopathic remedy. Platelet counts continue. A traditional treatment is always an option. The diet is much more a matter of a healthy and balanced diet of high quality foods. It requires continued testing and a careful observation of your own body to see what works for you. This works for me. I share it in hopes that some other people may have a similar variety of ITP and benefit from the knowledge.

Following...very interested as well in what the 'treatment ' is. Would be thrilled to get off the drugs😃

RobertSp in reply to goldylockz1

I had a very bad reaction to prednisone. It literally took years to get the prednisone out of my system. Apparently it is can be absorbed into any body fat and then be released again when that fat is burned off. If it is needed now I get a very short regime of prednisone.

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I have has ITP for 20 years. Prednisone is my first line of defense ,80 mil. . I got type two diabetes and insomnia for it.

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from it..

Hello! I'm currently taking papaya leaf extract, thymus supplements, and vitamin B12.

A little history might be helpful. My platelet was 5 when I was admitted. After IVIG + steroid treatment, my platelet increased to 54. I started researching different supplements that may increase platelets and stumbled on papaya leaf extract. After two weeks my platelet increased to 70. I also added B12 as I found it was borderline low, and B12 is necessary for platelet production. I'm also a vegetarian so I can't eat meat to increase my levels. Of couse if you are in the normal range you won't need B12. I'm also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so in one of my visits to my accupunture, she recommended thymus supplements. Thymus supplements helps restore balance and calms your immune system. I was only taking this for RA, but found it not only helped my RA, but increased my platelets as well. It was a win win for me. It went from 70 to 90 in just 2 weeks, then to 120 after 1 month. I've been stable at 120 - 130 for months now. I can't say this will work for you, please consult with your provider first. I did consult with my Hematologist and he was shock that it helped me.

Good Luck!

Like KT888, l am taking papaya leaf juice (self prescribed) and find it effective. I am also on 20mg dexamethasone every 10 to 4 days. Thanks for the tip on thymus. ☘️

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