Turmeric and IPT

Does anyone have info on turmeric and IPT? I take it as an anti-inflammatory, but I wonder if the blood thinning characteristics could contribute to IPT? I see there are a small, statistically insignificant number of people that report platelets lowering, but it is not a sample of people with IPT.

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  • I have read in the past that we should avoid turmeric because of the anti-inflammatory agents in it.. but if it doesn’t affect your levels then go for it I think.. :)

    I hate that we can’t have anti-inflammatory medications because they help me a lot!!

  • I’ve got ITP and take turmeric everyday, I will ask at my next appointment Wednesday

  • I have TIP Tumeric has actually helped my numbers they seem to stay up better if I take Tumeric as it keeps my inflammation down. I feel their is a correlation with my pain level and my ITP sending message to my body that something is wrong causing my body to react negatively. Been with ITP for a yr and half. NPlate every two weeks seems to keep me in safe levels. I do Tumeric every other day in a cup tea.

  • thank you for your comments! All the best to you

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