What happens if the blood blisters in your mouth burst?

In December 2011 I was given platelet transfusions because I was bleeding from my nose and gums, in fact they had to blue light them to the hospital from another hospital. I had purpura all over my body and blood blisters in my mouth. Over the course of four days the blood blisters receded mainly due to the daily platelet transfusions I was being given. But has anyone had blood blisters burst? Does that mean you haemorrage?

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  • I once had a blood blister under my tongue on the floor of the mouth, I felt it get bigger and bigger over a few minutes until it burst. I just swallowed the blood and it stopped bleeding quite quickly. Usually they don't get very big and just sort of wither away.

  • That is very interesting - what was your platelet count at the time?

  • It was low. I only get blood blisters when I'm under 5.

  • So, you have had them lots of times? I have only had them once. I had one on the inside of my top lip and three on the inside of my cheeks but they did not burst.

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