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Do you think age plays a part in Itp ITP .

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  • No, babies to OAPs get it for no obvious reason

  • The simple answer is NO but if you want a bit more of the background to it please do check out the article that I wrote about the subject in my regular ITP blog at ...

    If you click on the link above then scroll down to Episode 37 entitled AGE CONCERN that may be of interest

  • Thank you for your personal journey with itp it is eye opening and I can associate with the symptoms especially the fatigue today for instance I have been in bed on on my day of reading a book something I would never have done before being diagnosed with itp and for one reason or another my mood feels down another symptom I am guessing I am living and learning with itp my invisible illness I chose to call it yes far worst illnesses to have I think because it is a less known illness it is so much harder to make sense of it ... once again thank you for your personal journey

  • I think for women it can be , or is often triggered by pregnancy so am guessing there is a spike 18-45 woman wise?

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