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My daughter Leah age 5 had her bloods done today at a&e her platelet count is 2, Dr's didn't seem concerned, poor wee thing is exhausted and covered in bruises and rash. She has her class trip to the zoo tomorrow, she's been marking of the days on the calendar and so excited to go, I'm very apprehensive to let her go but at the same time feel bad as she's been so looking forward to it. Do you think she would be safe enough? Natasha

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  • Contact the doctor and ask them if she is not a bleeder she will probably be ok

  • let her go if there is no active bleeding but tell her teachers to be vigilant,thats wat I do for my 10 year old,let her have fun ....its rare in their lives sadly.

  • What does the doctor say? Can you go on the trip to the zoow withher to have peace of mind?

  • I'm working today otherwise I would have went with her to the zoo. I had to cut my days already in work and couldn't afford to take today off. The good news is there was no mishaps but she's bruising more now and blisters in her mouth...

  • Hi, I just had some advice: I noticed that if I eat anything with salt on I get blisters in my mouth, plus if I eat anything I have to chew on too much I end up somehow biting the inside of my mouth causing enormous blistering. This only happens when my platelets are low.

    Good luck to your daughter, it must be very worrying to have kids with this condition, hopefully it will go away naturally.

  • Have the doctors recommended any treatment for your daughter yet? For example Eltrombopag?

  • She's had steroids a few times but apart from that nothing.. I am worried abt her and need something more from the Dr's other than to be vigilant. Any ideas what I should do??

  • Ask for a second opinion. Have you joined ITP support association? As a member you can have phone call with a volunteer support person who might be able to talk through your situation in more detail. And they have lots of useful info. Just received my pack and I'm quite impressed.

    Good luck. Hats off to you - it's only me worth ITP. If it was one of my kids it'd be a whole different emotional ball game!

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