Life goes on

I really like this site, It brings people from all over the world together in one common goal, to see if there is something or someone out there that has the answer. I did notice that since I found out I have this inconvienence that I am eating better. I eat allot of fruits and veggies, more that I have I think in my entire life. I eat less crap and I love to eat chicken so that is my protein for the most part. I will start swimming again as soon as the weather gets better. I swim at a pool but right now the weather is too cold to go outside since I just got rid of my cold. I had my blood test done the day after my cold felt like it was gone and then got down because my platelets were lower that last month, I then realized that, that was probably because of the cold. I am learning more than I thought I ever would since now I have taken my medical life into my own hands. I research all the time and I do not allow my GP to just tell me things I now let her know what I have found out. Sometimes you can see she does not like this but then who really cares. If it was not for myself going to the hospital in 2014 I would never have known any of this. So my advice is to research and keep spirits up. I have to go now I am getting a bit tired so I think I will go lie down. Bye for now and everyone stay safe.

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  • Wow! Good for you for educating yourself so well. What an uplifting message!


  • Yes this site is very helpful when I found out I had ITP I was very worried as I had never heard of it, you can ask all the questions you want on here and somebody will talk to you and put your mind a rest having been there done that

  • Hiya.. I totally agree, it's been a learning process so far for us also. This site is so informative and has been supportive just knowing others are in the same boat. X

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