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Hi all, my 5 year old daughter started with the purple red pin pricks bruises on her back after a bout of scarlet fever which I think was the trigger of her Itp. The docs say it will go by itself but it's been 6 months now and I feel she needs a blood test to see if her platelets are down. The bruises come and go and are only on her back but she now has a couple of ulcers in her mouth. Hoping she will grow out of it.

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Hi charnicho.if your daughter does not have any bleeding with low platelet ,you don't worry about daughter have nose bleeding with low platelet so does need treatment.

Your GP surgery can do a blood test at your request to check platelet levels. My Daughter developed ITP as a result of chicken pox but her platelets were back to normal 3m later. Get the blood test for peace of mind.

I would make sure your daughter is referred and followed by an ITP paediatric clinic at a hospital..... they will monitor her blood every 3-6 months and are ready should she ever need treatment...

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