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Has anyone got ITP from Antibitics

As a 56 year old women I was in the hospital last week, I was in for a week.

My lowest platelets 18 and hemoglobin 6.4.

I was tested yesterday 25 for platelets and 9.1 hemoglobin

I thought I was on my way for menopause I guess not. Waiting on the doctors phone call. I really don't want to back to the hospital

What usually happens with females do we usual blood and platelet transfusion

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The body pains, well thanks to Prednosone I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so to some degree I always have pain. I am in remission my count has been over 200 for about 8 months. I have decided that if my platelets drop again I will opt for IVIG, Revolade or Rituxamab of which I was on all three, had to drop the revolade real fast developed blood clots in my legs, lungs and liver, but Prednosone never again, I have finally lost the 60 pounds I gained from it, my count is great, like I said still daily pains but compared to where I was three years ago I am grateful, oh and I also had a splenectomy...So good luck to you, I wish you all the best and there is a light at the end of the strong and god be with you.....


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