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Hi ,It is a good news that her platelets have increased without being treated. An 8 Yr old kid can have nose bleeds for several reasons.It is a problem only if it the bleeding is heavy and doesn't stop even after 5 minutes.In case of kids ,if it is ITP ,they will recover after some time ,naturally without any treatment.Since her platelet count is 47 K ,I think it is quite safe (not alarming).You can proceed with your first doctor .

My son is also 8 yrs old.He is having ITP since he was 2 yrs old.

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How about your son now?what treatment you given?


Hi ,He is on Dapsone (1 tablet broken into 3 parts) for past 1 yr and the dose is getting tappered now.


How long you tappered?my haematologist told me tappered for 2months


initially he was taking 1 dose everyday,then mon to fri. Now on mon,wed,fri&sun.

how old is your kid .can you share more information.


Karnit,may i know where your country?im already consult 2 pediatric haematologist,3doctor pediatric and 2 doctor haematologist.but only 1 doctor say no need daughter lowest platelet is 28k.the first diagnosed itp the doctor give her ivig and her platelet up to 236k and prednisolone.then the pediatric haematolog told me dont give prednisolone anymore.then i stop prednisolon.the.platelet down to around 44-65 without treatment for 1 month.but my daughter often has nose so scared if dont give her treatment.and in the last monday i give her prednisolone again 25mg for 3days.then 20mg for 3days.then 15mg for 1 week.then 10mg for 1months and 5mg for 1months.


Can I know what is her platelet count now.

And from which country are you from.

I'm from India


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