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Medical beacelets

My 8 year old daughter has had ITP with a count always less than 25 for about 6 years now. She has a medical bracelet that she wears all the time and school have always let her wear it for PE too. However she is starting to be told she needs to take it off for PE. I understand in that earings and necklaces could cause a safety risk in PE and therefore should not be worn, but I can't think how an accident could be caused with a bracelet. Also, I feel that PE is probably a time that it is most important for people to know that my daughter is at risk of bleeding, especially as it is often done by an outside company who does not know anything about my daughter.

Do you think my daughter should be allowed to keep it on for PE or should she follow the no jewlery rule and take it off?

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I would be talking to the school principal. She definitely needs to keep it on, for PE! Does she have a what is a 504 medical plan with the school?

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I think it's pretty important to have that bracelet on when she is in a situation that is potentially dangerous for someone with low platelets. I would talk to the teacher and explain the situation.


Is her Dr ok with her even doing PE? I was never allowed to do it in school. All through elementary through high school. (That was 20 yrs ago) but even now with mine coming back I always worked out 5 days a week and now have been told I can't. Maybe get a dr note to take her out of it?


I suppose it could get hooked on apparatus and cause her to have an accident in the process, stopping her in her tracks if she were moving or suspending her if she were climbing - assuming that it didn't break (a bit like some cats collars break if they get snagged to ensure they can get away). That of course assumes your daughter is doing the full range of PE activities. If you haven't already, why not make an appointment to speak to the teacher to discuss your concerns. All PE classes should have had a health and safety assessment done and this would normally take into consideration individuals who could be particularly at risk, so for example the teacher, classroom assistants, etc, etc. Outside organisations would also do this and should be made aware of anyone who has particular needs to be considered. Hopefully you can work together so that you and your daughter feel safe and the school can act appropriately in your situation.


Hello i have a question I have ITP and no spleen... should i get a medical bracelet? I had a white gold heart made for me to wear it's says the date of my spleen removal but I don't think I put down that i have ITP... should i be wearing it?


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