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Missed/ delayed menstrual cycle with MMF (cellcept)

I have had ITP since January last year. My periods started to last about three or four days after high dose dexamethason on and off up until August. I then started a new drug called MMF which is an immunosuppressant. I'm really worried as last month my period was 3 weeks late and this month it hasn't even come yet (it's approaching 3 weeks already) my skin is oily with lots of blackheads and a few breakouts. I'm wondering whether immunosuppressants have an affect on hormones at all and whether this is normal? I'm 19 years old and a normal weight of 8 and a half stone for my 5'3 height.

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Hi, I cannot say if it affects the hormones in the body but I too am on MMF and I do not have the same side effects that you have. Nicky


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