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Purpura rash with normal platelets

Just trying to get a take on this. Had ITP 6 months before starting FCR Chemo for CLL. Platelets were up 'n' down during chemo to as low as 38. That was two years ago and still platelets are up 'n' down. In August they were 152 but still in range and no concerns. In September whilst on holiday, I developed what appear to be a Purpura Rash on both legs below the knee. I went to my GP and she agreed that's what it appears to be and ruled out heat rash or alergy. Bloods were taken and the result was 215 :-) ... happy days.

From your experiences, is it possible to still have ITP (with showing signs) and yet have a normal platelet count? Just for back ground info, I became severely neautropenic 10 months after stopping FCR (ie May 2013) and stayed like that for 6 months + requiring GCSF injections twice a week.

Having had the rash for some 4 weeks now. Just wondered what your thoughts are?


Colin (UK)

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I had the lovely purpura spots too a couple times and have rushed off to the haematologist, certain I was about to die from stroke or implosion or embarrassment, and lo and behold, my count was also in the safe zone (100 +). I have never had the purpura show up when my counts were low. Go figure.


Hi, I have only had the rash when my platelets are in single figures - so the opposite of your experience - we are all so different.


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