On my 3rd week of Rituxan and Nplate, every week my plates and red white counts drop. Is this not working?

It seems I should have had improvement by now. WBC - 2.4, RBC - 2.38, Platelets 9k. I had steroids and that didn't work either. In 2012 I had a 6 day nosebleed in the hospital Had several transfusions, nplate and cyclosporin, My platelets went to 80,000 for a brief period. Now I am back to this again. No nosebleeds but tons of bruising.

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  • Can I ask why they are doing both rituxin and nplate at the same time? Rituxin can take up to 12 weeks to improve a plt count..as for nplate I am not sure I refused to take it due to cloting issues.I am just confused as to why they havent done them seperately to actually see which one works. I had some ivig during the month of rituxin to boost count while I finished.

  • Hi Mumofeill they gave me both at the same time I had been on Elbombag for 10 weeks and it did not work then I had a bleed in the bowel. My platlets were under 10 I was in dire straits so he just said lets do both together NPlate and Ritixumb we will not know which one works. but need do try any thing I have had my spleen out in 2004 in remission until last year. now I'm not on any thing it must have been Ritixumb

  • My hematologist said it takes at least 2 weeks for NPlate to kick in. I had Rituxam 4 times and at the same time Nplate they started with a small dose and worked up tha 'twas in August 2013 I have not had an injection since December and my Platlets are now 435,000 do not get discouraged it took many weeks for this to kick in

  • In 2012 I had just Nplate and it got me in the 30k range, then they added cyclosporin my platelets only came up a little, I was on Nplate for 6 months and cyclosporin a little longer. My kidneys started to react so I went off of everything. By the end of 2012 my platelets went to 82,000, that is the highest I have been since 2011. A couple of months ago I started bruising really bad and had an hour long nosebleed. I went in and my platelets were at 17k, I am very anemic and that is why they went for the Rituxan to help my rbc and platelets and because my platelets were so low my doctor wanted Nplate, too. In the past transfusions only last a couple of days in my system. I hope something kicks in soon, headaches, dizziness and fatigue are enormous. Thank you for your replies.

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