Good results :-)

Just got back from heamotologist with my daughter if 11 years who has had really bad problems with her itp (see previous posts) I'm delighted that today her platelet count is 594 yippee and heamotologist says it's now very unlikely it will return. Such lovely news after the very difficult last year which caused her to have severe bleeding on her brain and left her disabled with very weak legs. She's doing fantastically and recovering better everyday. :-)

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  • Thanks GOD. So nice to hear it.GOD bless you and heal your daughter completely!

  • Wonderful news for you and your daughter - please God she continues to full health

  • Wonderful news!

    Just for my curiosity, what did you mean for "severe bleeding on her brain"?

    How did you recognized a bleeding on brain?

  • Wow, brill news i bet ur so happy. Long may it continue. X

  • Oh gosh, she has had a rough time. I was 3/4 years old when I had tests to confirm ITP and they warned my mum I would Haemorrage and to be prepared. I'm 43 now and back in the 70's we didn't have a phone, I was very lucky I had my bleed in my head but on top of the skull not in the brain. I remember going to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I had a headache and felt the top of my head which was spongy. Mum raced to the neighbours house and rang for an ambulance. Reading what happened to your daughter sent chills as I remember the commotion, wearing the earliest form of a cycling helmet to protect my head in the ambulance. I was discharged from clinic when I was fifteen but 10 years later I relapsed, but it was due to a couple of strong viruses. Good luck and well done

  • Wonderful news! I understand that children often do get over ITP permanently. I am so happy for you.

  • She can now start to live a full life - something that we all strive for - congratulations.

  • I'm just curious about this. Normal platelet range for an individual is 150 - 450 (or, between 150,000–450,000 platelets per microliter of blood). And cited here is a count of 594 and that's over the range. Is this okay? I mean, there might be some serious consequences due this too.

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