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Chronic ITP

I am 19 years old, at the age of 16 I started bruising a lot, suffered a lot of infections, headaches and tiredness. My doctor did a blood test which showed my platelet levels were low, It also showed I was anemic aswell. A few months later I started feeling really I'll again, and a routine blood test showed slightly high levels of white cells, I was told I had suspected leukemia cancer of the blood. I was referred for further tests and was delighted when I found my bone marrow was functioning properly which meant leaukemia was out the picture. I was diagosed with chronic autoimmune ITP. I sometimes suffer quite bad, but I get bloods every 3 weeks to check my levels. I couldn't do this without my amazing doctor, my consultant at ward 112 ARI, my family, friends and most of all the wonderful ITP support association who provide the amazing support. I have a strong attitude and hope one day I can say I'm in re-mission but each day I live a happy normal life

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Hi Hannah94x Join the ITP club. We have all had different experiences with ITP and the road can sometimes be quite rocky. At one time I was attending hospital 3 - 4 times a week to try to get my count stable. I went into spontaneous remission for two years but then it came back. Now I am resigned to having it for life. I was on lots of different treatments and now have stabilised. I only go to the hospital every 3 months so have started building my life again. I do bruise easily but that is something I can live with. Take care and carry on living a normal life. NickyD


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