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Can Vanishing Twin Syndrome and ITP be connected?

When I was 8 weeks pregnant with my daughter Beibhinn (diagnosed with ITP in Feb 13, at the age of 7 yrs), I had a heavy bleed with no cramps. At hospital they detected a heart beat. As I am O-Negative, I had to get an Anti-D injection. Beibhinn is O-Neg too. Numerous reasons for bleeding. I googled reasons for bleeding and VTS appeared. Beibhinn is left-handed, a symthom of being a twin. I was just wondering if Vanishing Twin Syndrome connected to ITP?

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My son was born 14 years ago, he is left handed and his twin 'vanished' between 5 and 8 weeks. I didn't get ITP until 12 years later and would never have thought to connect the two. I did wonder if two miscarriages earlier had been connected.

What makes you think the disappearing twin syndrome could be connected?


Hi A-lison, Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I just wondered if the bleeding, the placenta or the twin could be connected to my daughter's ITP, - blood.


I also lost an almost-twin with my first child (25 years ago); my mom lost one with me. I wonder how many others with ITP have had the same experience? But it's not VTS is not uncommon. Someone would have to see if there's a significantly higher incidence among people in whose family ITP runs.


Hi SoporRose

ITP doesn't run in my family, my daughter was the first. But my oldest brother is left handed but my mother didn't have a bleed at all. He isn't a twin.


Wow you have got me wondering now. I have always had bleeding gums for a long as I can remember. I was anemic in my 20s two times and had bruises I can’t remember way I had them. My first pregnancy at 23 I went to the emergency room because I was bleeding so I thought I was possibly miscarrying and they told me I had the amniotic sac but there was no fetus inside it. I was devastated. I’m o negative as well and my last two children were very complicated births. I had my period all through the three terms. I am now 55 and was just diagnosed with ITP when I had heart failure and they found it by accident. I think maybe I’ve had it along time through my life.


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