Can Vanishing Twin Syndrome and ITP be connected?

When I was 8 weeks pregnant with my daughter Beibhinn (diagnosed with ITP in Feb 13, at the age of 7 yrs), I had a heavy bleed with no cramps. At hospital they detected a heart beat. As I am O-Negative, I had to get an Anti-D injection. Beibhinn is O-Neg too. Numerous reasons for bleeding. I googled reasons for bleeding and VTS appeared. Beibhinn is left-handed, a symthom of being a twin. I was just wondering if Vanishing Twin Syndrome connected to ITP?

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  • My son was born 14 years ago, he is left handed and his twin 'vanished' between 5 and 8 weeks. I didn't get ITP until 12 years later and would never have thought to connect the two. I did wonder if two miscarriages earlier had been connected.

    What makes you think the disappearing twin syndrome could be connected?

  • Hi A-lison, Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I just wondered if the bleeding, the placenta or the twin could be connected to my daughter's ITP, - blood.

  • I also lost an almost-twin with my first child (25 years ago); my mom lost one with me. I wonder how many others with ITP have had the same experience? But it's not VTS is not uncommon. Someone would have to see if there's a significantly higher incidence among people in whose family ITP runs.

  • Hi SoporRose

    ITP doesn't run in my family, my daughter was the first. But my oldest brother is left handed but my mother didn't have a bleed at all. He isn't a twin.

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