Casey`s Cause

Casey`s Cause

This is a message which was posted on the Facebook Group of the ITP Foundation and I am delighted to reproduce it here to highlight the wonderful work which is going on to promote ITP awareness. You may recall previous posts on this forum which give the background to Casey`s cause but if you have not had a chance to look it up please do. It reminds me why I am doing any of this !!!!

Casey's Cause

It is so encouraging to see all the parents on here sharing information with each other! I hope the ITPF wont mind ( sorry if you do) but the PDSA has a teleconference every other month for parents. You can look it up on their website. Also, please be aware of Camp Charley ITP weekend held each fall in Kentucky at the Center for Courageous Kids. Check out the CharleFoundation for a video. It is awesome for the kids and parents. One more thing is that Casey's Cause is in its fifth year of spreading awareness and supporting those with ITP, especially children. We will host our 5th Annual 10k,5k, and 1 mile fun run on May 5 in Trussville, Alabama. We help support Camp Charley, and the research efforts of the ITPF and the PDSA. Please check us out. [though I am slow to respond sometimes, as Lauren knows :) ] Thanks, Christine Ehlenberg Grant, mom to Casey.

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  • Kudos to you, Christine. You have made a terrible loss for you and your family into a fantastic project to raise awareness of ITP. Thank you!

  • I could not agree more Greta. An amazing act of courage and selflesness by Christine and her brave family. I cannot conceive of just what a terrible trauma it must have been for them to lose someone so dear but then to somehow find the determination and fortitude to use their loss to help others. Truly amazing. It reminds me yet again of the generosity and spirit of humanity. Ironically I am typing this comment whilst listening to The Rising by Bruce Springsteen and it is indeed most appropriate.

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