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Lynn mc

I found out I had I T P in 1997. We where camping in Wales, my ankle swelled up with getting the air beds done, I had had a few bruises and a few nose bleeds but nothing heavy. I went to the local hospital in Holyhead and they sent me to Bangor for blood tests. My results showed 2 platelets. We asked to come home and come to my local hospital because we had two small boys, they agreed but said be careful. My local hospital was waiting for me. I had all tests and yes it is I T P. On prednisolone. Continued on that until Aug 1998 gained weight looked a mess then they removed my Spleen. It was going well for 2 years then down hill again. Since then been on Azathroprine, the platelets go up and down but were OK. I n February this year had chest infection and my platelets went to 523 then down to 23 then to 96. Last week had all the signs again of low platelets they are back down to 17. Back on prednisolone and Azathroprine. Back to the hospital this morning find out my results. Meant to be going away next week so fingers crossed they have gone up.

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HI Imc167 It sounds like you are having a really tough time of it. After being diagnosed with ITP and being treated for a couple of years - I had a period of nearly two years where I had no symptoms and no medication. I really thought it had gone away until I started bruising again and had a blood test to find my count was zero. Coping with the ups and downs of ITP is hard work and you will be advised by many people to work with the symptoms rather than the blood count. Prednisolone is a horrible drug and I have never taken Azathroprine. I had to cancel a trip to France three days before my flight, because my count was so low I was told it would be dangerous for me. It was not much fun but I got over it. Hang on in there. Nicky D


Hi NickyD

Went to Hospital yesterday, platelets have gone up to 139, but only with taking the steroids. I have to have more bloods taken next wednesday reduced the steroids to 60mg daily for now, then go back to the clinic when i arrive back the following week. So hopefully they will of still gone up a little more before next wednesday, but 139 is great. He said it all could of happened because my dad died on the 13th of march this year. Thanks for your support. Regards lmc167


Hoping for the best for you. Stress definitely affects my platelet count, so hoping you get to go on holiday and relax :o).


I would of never of thought Stress would affect the platelets. Thank you for your support.

Just need to get off these steroids slowly now.


Just found out today platelets dropped to 14. Going tomorrow to start injections of Romiplostim, anyone know anything about it?

Regards lmc167


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